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Prenatal Treatments

Congratulations! You are about to be a 'Mommy' and a special time to be savoured. At Silver Leaf Day Spa we encourage well-being through this exciting journey to help maintain your skin, body and mind.


Organic Glowing Facial

A facial designed for expectant mothers in mind. Pure organic ingredients are softly infused into your skin using relaxing techniques, enhancing that vibrant glow most mom’s-to-be have.

75 mins | 145


Prenatal Massages

Specially selected oils are applied to soothe, hydrate and nurture the growing needs of the skin while relaxing Swedish Massage techniques improve circulation. 

Head, Neck, Shoulders & Back

30 Minutes | 80     RMT  | 80

Full Body 

55 Minutes | 125    RMT | 135


Soft as a Baby's Bottom

Body Glow 

An intensive and preventative skin conditioning therapy for the whole body. After the first trimester, we recommend a series of these treatments to help in maintaining skin elasticity, and lessening the appearance of stretch marks.

60 mins | 115


Yummy Mummy Pedicure

Beginning with a herbal foot soak to relieve your tired feet, specially prepared products are used to increase energy levels, reduce swelling and stimulate circulation. A gentle, yet firm lower leg massage and a warm hydrating paraffin treatment completes this 'must have' mommy pedicure.

75 mins | 85

*All prices are subject to change without prior notice.  Prices does not include HST.

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