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Gehwol Mint Foot Cream

Gehwol Mint Foot Cream


Combines the invigorating icy freshness of a cooling mint.  Natural menthol and rosemary, mountain pine and lavender oils spontaneously refreshand fortify tired, aching feet.



Cooling foot balm – mint fresh - 75ml


Active Ingredients: Alcohol, skin friendly cream base, urea, menthol, essential oils of mint, eucalyptus, lavender, rosemary, mountain pine, and orange, climbazole

Refreshes the feet before or after an active day through a combination of revitalizing icy freshness of a cooling mint lotion of Asian herbal oil with the gentle caring effect of a fast absorbing balm.

Natural menthol, essential oils from rosemary, mountain pine, and lavender refresh and strengthen tired and aching feet instantly. Urea and emollients help to maintain the elasticity of the skin and to keep it smooth. Well-tried antiseptics prevent athlete’s foot and itching between the toes.

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